Adequate Funding
The missing piece of the puzzle

Isn't 'more money' too simple?

financial fuel catalyze a cureBarely. In ibm today, the other key pieces are already in place.

  • Diagnostic standards.
    Ibm is diagnosed consistently enough to be studied.
  • Accessible patients.
    Thanks to the national patient association and registry, adequate numbers of people and their medical records are available to study.
  • Expert labs.
    A handful of PhD medical researchers have chosen ibm as their career field, and they are framing the puzzle that will reveal medical relief for tens of thousands of debilitated Americans.
  • Adequate funding.
    What's the missing piece at this juncture? Primarily, financial fuel. Lab researchers are only minimally supported by their institutions. They will be able to pursue the cure at full speed only when they are fully fueled.

The primary catalyst to accelerated research success, is accelerated voluntary giving from us, the friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, church members and long lost acquaintenaces of those who suffer with ibm.


Efficient to Be More Effective

Catalyze a Cure is designed to allow maximum pass-through of donated monies to much-needed medical research. The Directors have paid all startup expenses, and have agreed to pay all administrative costs throughout 2017.  The work of the foundation is currently supplied entirely by unpaid volunteers.  And a word of thanks to the owners and staff of the affiliated Diamond companies of Casper, Wyoming who have agreed to provide operating infrastructure like office space, accounting and IT services at no expense to the foundation.  

Your donations go very-highly to curative research!     


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