Focus on unlocking a human therapy, using good science, with a 10-year horizon whenever plausible.

What if we patients and friends asked six knowledgeable medical scientists from five reputable institutions to identify those few research questions that have the highest potential to lead to an ibm treatment or cure?  You’d get an ibm research ‘roadmap' seeking the shortest 'street' from here to a life-improving medicine. 

What if you seeded the pursuit of the roadmap with pledges of a few hundred thousand dollars – and then made every effort to raise millions of dollars to advance from mile-marker to mile-marker on the ibm-cure roadmap? Stay tuned, that work is now underway!

And, we really need your help!

Foundation Science Advisors

Deep IBM Knowledge

Harvard Medical/Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Boston, MA
Johns Hopkins
Baltimore, MD
National Institutes of Health
Bethesda, MD
Washington University
St Louis, MO

Fresh Perspective

CU Health Sciences
Denver, CO
Randy Wesnitzer, PhD
Casper, WY

Lay Perspective

Andrea Crane
Private Practice
Functional Medicine, MS Microbiology
Denver, CO
Kip True
MBA Finance
Foundation Director
Casper, WY